From fire extinguishers to breathing equipment and security cameras, CASP Aerospace provides a wide range of products and maintenance services for the aviation industry.

Fire Protection

Our product expertise is wide ranging and includes engine, cargo, APU, lavatory and handheld fire extinguishers. CASP Aerospace is the only Canadian AMO that is recognized as a factory approved repair facility by Kidde Aerospace, MEGGITT (Pacific Scientific) and Fire Fighting Enterprises. CASP has also established long standing relationships with many other fire extinguisher manufacturers. Read More

Oxygen Cylinder & Regulator Assemblies

CASP Aerospace can repair, overhaul and replace oxygen cylinder assemblies and their component parts to meet your needs. Whether for portable (Emergency/Medipak) or fixed assemblies, we have you covered. Read More

Crew Masks & Protective Breathing Equipment

In recent years CASP Aerospace has invested in automated test equipment in order to expand our Crew oxygen masks repair and overhaul capabilities. Our factory trained staff offer quality service at a competitive price. While PBEs have a definitive life, CASP Aerospace has the capability to carry out repairs, which can allow operators to benefit from the full life of the equipment. Read More

Inflation & Pneumatics

CASP Aerospace has extensive capability to repair and overhaul most inflation cylinder assemblies. Whether for Slide, Rafts, Gear Blowdown or Emergency door opening, CASP Aerospace can help with your maintenance needs. Read More

Securaplane Airplane Batteries

CASP is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Securaplane©/Enersys mainship and emergency batteries, security and camera systems. These sealed lead acid batteries are easy to install and offer a multitude of cost-savings features. Read More

Securaplane Airborne Video Cameras

Securaplane’s cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) ensures that individuals seeking entry into the cockpit are authorized and not under duress. The basic system consists of three cameras feeding a central processing unit. READ MORE