Onboard camera security systems and Securaplane Mainship & emergency batteries
CASP Aerospace - video surveillance and camera equipment display

Securaplane’s cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) ensures that individuals seeking entry into the cockpit are authorized and not under duress. This requires the ability to see the individual requesting entry and clearly identify that person in all cabin conditions (light, dark, movement, etc.).

The basic system consists of three cameras feeding a central processing unit. In turn this feeds video to the cockpit displays or can drive up to three monitors.

To meet all customer security needs, Securaplane's controller allows up to six camera images to be processed simultaneously. Output video interfaces to the cockpit displays and is provided in both analog and digital formats.

Key features

  • High quality video sources with excellent low and bright light performance identifies entrants in all cabin conditions (light, dark, movement, etc.)
  • Full motion video (30 frames-per-second)
  • Video processing that minimizes lag from camera to display
  • Flexible text overlays to enhance pilot cueing
  • Meets comprehensive DO160 ruggedness requirements
  • Can drive up to three monitors directly
  • Recordable video

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