We supply and service high-tech systems and equipment from Safran Aerosystems® to ensure aircraft safety on the ground and in flight.

CASP Aerospace introduces Safran Aerosystems' line of high-tech systems and equipment to ensure aircraft safety on the ground and in flight. These include evacuation systems (floats, rafts, inflatable slides, life vests), and oxygen systems for both crew and passengers.

As a strategic OEM partner of Safran Aerosystems, CASP Aerospace is well-positioned to provide responsive technical support and after-sales service on a wide range of products.


EVACUATION SLIDES – As a key player in the evacuation slide market, Safran Aerosystems equips most commercial aircraft platforms and many military aircraft.

Safran Aerosystems' life vests are viewed as the lightest on the market, and are for crew members and passengers in two configurations (1 or 2 inflatable chambers). Sizes: adult, adult/child, baby/small child or universal.

Thanks to its lightweight, innovatively-designed products, Safran Aerosystems has become the world leader for aviation life rafts. Capacity ranges from 1 to 56 persons.

Image of Safran Aerosystems evacuation slide. (CASP Aerospace)

Evacuation slide
© Guillermo Diaz Murillo


FLOATS & RAFTS – Safran Aerosystems' emergency flotation systems are designed to enable a helicopter to land on water and remain stable and afloat, long enough to enable passengers and crew to evacuate safely (stability up to sea state 6 and more).
Safran Aerosystems has also developed automatic and reversible inflatable life raft systems. They are designed to ensure stability up to a sea state of level 6 and more. Offering high survivability, these rafts also have the advantage of light weight and low packaging volume.

Life jackets offered by Safran Aerosystems ensure flotation for all adults or children aged over 3 in case of evacuation of an aircraft or helicopter. Lighting systems and whistles are integrated accessories.

Image of SAFRAN Aerosystems multiple-person life raft (CASP Aerospace) © SAFRAN Aerosystems

Multi-person life raft
© Safran Aerosystems


COCKPIT OXYGEN SYSTEMS – The range of cockpit oxygen products and systems at Safran Aerosystems includes quick-donning masks for commercial aircrews that can be fitted in all cockpit configurations, as well as masks for military aircrews designed for the highly specific requirements of the sector. The EROS® crew oxygen mask range is a world leader in this field. Safran Aerosystems also designs a large range of gas and liquid oxygen bottles fitted with regulators or valves.

PASSENGER OXYGEN SYSTEMS – Safran Aerosystems manufactures complete and innovative passenger protection systems that include chemical oxygen generation systems (in a range of durations) and mask deployment systems, as well as latest-generation portable oxygen bottles that can be adapted for the configuration of each aircraft.

Portable oxygen systems are also available to meet the requirements of crew and passenger first aid responders, including the ultralight and highly ergonomic SuperiOx® model. The specific LavOx® solution supplies oxygen to passengers in the aircraft toilet in the event of a cabin depressurisation. Safran Aerosystems also supplies portable Protective Breathing Equipment for flight crews, providing breathing and fire protection.

Safran Aerosystems oxygen systems - image of crew oxygen mask (CASP Aerospace)

Crew oxygen mask
© Pierre Boudon
Images of (yellow) life raft, life vest, and evacuation slide courtesy © Guillermo Diaz Murillo. Helicopter © Patrick Penna / Airbus Helicopter. Life raft at sea © Safran Aerosystems. Red life vest © Photopointcom. Cockpit oxygen mask © Photopointcom. Passenger oxygen tank © Patrick Delapierre.